Moonlight Princess is the first EP from Gōst Pepper featuring a collaboration with Kelsey Blackstone on “Thinkin’ Bout You Now.” The project has a largely instrumental and aetherial sound. It incorporates electronic elements with orchestral compositions creating meditative dreamscapes.

The four track EP went through many changes prior to its eventual release, which was originally scheduled for October 31, 2020, but was delayed. There was originally planned to be a cover of the song “Flying Overseas” by Theophilus London with original verses written by Gōst Pepper, however the license for the cover was denied. To replace the song, Gōst Pepper and Kelsey Blackstone co-wrote and recorded “Thinkin’ Bout You Now.”

The EP also features the tracks “The Night Sky,” the title “Moonlight Princess,” and “May 21.” The songs were recorded collectively over the course of June 2018 to November 2020 and it was released on December 11, 2020.